Science Based Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits

Today, more and more companies are looking to invest in projects that secure a flow of high integrity, science-backed credits based on reliable and trusted data.

ClimaFi’s approach

ClimaFi platforms include a blockchain registry for issuing certified credits, based on carbon methodologies that aggregate data from trusted sources including satellites and flux towers.

Significant Savings

Saves companies significant money from what they would pay if they waited to purchase on the spot market instead.

Climate mitigation

Enables companies to play the role of a financial catalyst for climate mitigation projects, which is a major plus in the eyes of customers, especially for projects with significant biodiversity and other co-benefits (nature-based).

Certainty & Transparency

Brings greater certainty and transparency to the VCM (“Voluntary Carbon Market”) and ensures that only high integrity credits come to market.

Price Discovery

Streamlines price discovery. Is scalable and future proof. Uses blockchain technology that is safer than existing methods, and is immutable.

About ClimaFi

ClimaFi combines deep carbon markets knowledge with blockchain expertise, to provide scalable solutions for high quality carbon removal. By bringing outstanding projects to blockchain, we can engineer a sea change in terms of transparency, price discovery, improved data and precision tracking and monitoring.

The Hemp Carbon Standard

The Hemp Carbon Standard is a platform for the digital measurement, reporting and verification (dMRV) of industrial hemp farming carbon data. It is built on an L1 blockchain with protocol level ID providing the following parameters for the ecosystem: 


Standardized validation model for verifying and managing data on the network.


Geo-referenced system for quantifying and recording lands based on minting a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) for each project.

Data Aggregation

Using artificial intelligence ("AI") to provide continuous monitoring over the lifetime of each project.

Remote Sensing

Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 satellites map global C02 emissions, at scale. Flux towers provide data for measuring the Net Ecosystem Exchange of C02.


Robust governance built around a verified audit structure and independent certification. Validation by third party bodies.

Insurance Wrapper

Mitigates delivery shortfalls, fraud, negligence and weather risks. Protects against overcrediting and allegations of "greenwashing".

HEMP CARBON MARKETPLACE is a digital exchange for purchasing high integrity carbon removal credits. These are the first “balance sheet” grade credits to be validated through a transparent, scalable and automated digital MRV and with an ex-post, payment structure.

Buy Credits

Certified carbon removal credits derived from industrial hemp farms.

Spot & Forward Credits

Includes spot and forward credits.


Deep liquidity pool ensures buying and selling in size.

Instant Settlement

Blockchain technology provides for instant settlement.

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RMVL, the first regulatory-ready carbon removal token, is launching soon.

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